[Ipe-discuss] Exporting high-quality EPS files

Henrique jhgoulart at gmail.com
Sun Mar 10 15:04:25 CET 2019

Hello everyone,

I have been using IPE for a while. It's a really great tool for making
presentations, along with Beamer and LaTeX.

The only issue I currently have is that, when exporting EPS figures to
include in my presentation, often there is a noticeable degradation of
quality. Here is one example of how a colored grid I drew on IPE and
exported in EPS format is shown in the PDF file generated by LaTeX :
[image: image.png]
I tried to use the command iperender with the argument -resolution to
improve the picture's quality, but there's only a limited improvement and
the degradation remains visible, even if I set resolution to a quite high
level (say, 800 dpi).

Is there any other method I could use to circumvent this issue?

Thanks in advance.

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