[Ipe-discuss] Save as SVG

Tim Hutt tdhutt at gmail.com
Fri Mar 1 14:09:23 CET 2019


How hard would it be to add support for saving files as SVG? Iperender
apparently supports exporting to SVG, so I assume the SVG-writing code
is already done. And you could pretty easily embed the IPE file data
in the SVG in a <metadata> element, e.g.

  <svg ... xmlns:ipe="...">
      <ipe:data> ...ipe data... </ipe:data>

My use case is making an HTML5 presentation (with remarkjs). It would
be really nice if I could just include IPE diagrams via <img
src="mydiagram.svg"> but as it stands I would have to save them as
.ipe and then run iperender which is a slightly annoying extra step.



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