[Ipe-discuss] working with a graph of nodes

David Chemouil David.Chemouil at onera.fr
Mon Jul 22 15:55:01 CEST 2019


having known Ipe for ages, I just start to use it seriously. Thanks for the good

My main drawing activity (to illustrate scientific articles I co-author) is
drawing graphs of nodes and edges. A long time, basic user of Tikz (where it's
easy), I don't really see if there is a systematic way to create a Label (in Ipe
parlance) with some padding (i.e internal margin), or with a minimum size, or
with a circular box (like a bounding box) around with a minimum diameter. 

Similarly, I noticed that the small green dotted box around labels cannot be
used (or so I think) with boundary snapping (combined, or not, with angular
snapping). This would be useful to draw several edges going out of or into a
node, even more if the first requirement from above (rectangular box with
padding, or circular box) is achievable.

Finally, can/should all this be specified in a stylesheet dedicated to graphs?

To make my questions more precise, let me say that it more or less coressponds
to Tikz attributes like `minimum width`, `inner sep` or anchors like `north



David Chemouil
ONERA DTIS & Université fédérale de Toulouse

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