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Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Sun Feb 24 19:23:01 CET 2019

It would certainly be possible to make an ipelet for adding measurements to a figure  in a single go.

If you do it by hand, I would draw the entire measurement line first.  Then I draw the text as a label, and create a white rectangle without boundary to cover up the line where the text goes (one easy way to do that is to select the label and use Ipelets->Goodies->Insert bounding box, but perhaps you prefer more white space around your text).   Finally, select the line, the label, and the box and press "Shift+C" (Ipelets->Align->Align centers).

By the way, the slanted lines at the end of your measurement lines could be defined as an arrow type - then adding them is as easy as adding an arrow to any line.


On Sun, Feb 24, 2019, at 08:36, Tony via Ipe-discuss wrote:
>  Is it possible to create an ipelet for example to measure distances, 
> or to make sure that a text can be inserted in the empty space and the 
> line between the point at the right and the one at the left has the 
> same measurement? For example, how to do autocad with the measure 
> distances or measure angles function 
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