[Ipe-discuss] scalte text %

Alexander Wolff alexander.wolff at uni-wuerzburg.de
Sat Feb 23 22:14:44 CET 2019

Dear Tony,

just write the text that you want to scale in Ipe.
Then right-click the text -> Transformations -> affine.
Select the text again, scale (e.g., by pressing cmd/ctrl-K)
and enter, for example, 0.8 for 80%.

Or you proceed as in the post below;
add \usepackage{graphicx} to the preamble of your Ipe file
(Edit -> Document properties -> Preamble);
then you can use \scalebox{0.5}{to shrink your text to 50\%.}


On 23.02.19 19:38, Tony via Ipe-discuss wrote:
> to scale the text as a percentage. I have several problems climbing 
> the text. the minimum size is \ tiny, could a percentage function be 
> added as written in this post?
> https://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/131082/change-size-of-special-character

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