[Ipe-discuss] Ipe-discuss Digest, Vol 147, Issue 1

Mathias Rav m at git.strova.dk
Fri Sep 14 13:11:45 CEST 2018

2018-09-14 13:01 +0200 Troels Bjerre Lund via Ipe-discuss
<ipe-discuss at lists.science.uu.nl>:
> > One easy solution you could try is to make a script named "pdflatex" that
> > is on your path before the actual pdflatex executable and let this set the
> > flag.  
> Yes, it is a security issue. It definitely is not something that should be
> on by default. I am already a little worried by the workaround, since it
> effectively sets the flag globally, and I need to have other latex tools
> circumnavigate the script, hoping I don't forget any. In any case, it might
> be ugly, but it works.  

You can change the path only for the invocation of Ipe.
For instance, if you use bash on Linux you can make an alias

alias ipe='PATH=~/.ipepath:$PATH \ipe'

... and create the wrapper for pdflatex inside .ipepath:

mkdir ~/.ipepath
cat > ~/.ipepath/pdflatex <<EOF
exec /usr/bin/pdflatex -shell-escape "$@"
chmod +x ~/.ipepath


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