[Ipe-discuss] problem using 7.2.6 on windows. \begin{align*} not being accepted

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Thu Nov 17 07:08:57 CET 2016


When I add this text to my drawing (by clicking on
the text icon, and typing in the small pop-up windows
that comes up the following as an example

A &= B

I keep getting "Ipe: error running Latex"
! Missing \endgroup inserted.
<inserted text>
l.72 \end{align*}

I made sure to add

to the document preamble using the Edit->Document Properties window.

I also noticed, when I look into the .ipe file itself, that
ipe adds this

<text matrix="1 0 0 1 -28 52" transformations="translations" pos="336 676" stroke="black" type="label" width="23.968" height="6.42" depth="0" valign="baseline" style="math">u=0</text>
<text transformations="translations" pos="336 660" stroke="black" type="label" valign="baseline">\begin{align*}
A &amp;= B


Notice the A &amp;= B   (may be it always added &amp;  for &, I do not

I can add other math text, such as $\theta$ and it works, but it seems
to fail when I use align* env from amsmath.

I am on windows 7, 64 bit. Latest 2.9 Miktex runs fine and I use Miktex
all the time and have not changed anything with it. So I do not
think it is related to Latex installation on windows itself.

I just compiled this tex file on miktex, no error:

A &= B

I upgraded to 7.2.6 just recently.

I put the .ipe file in this folder if someone wants to try it:


It is called p2.ipe

Am I doing something wrong?  Also, anyone knows where to
download earlier version of IPE? 7.2.5 may be? I deleted
the earlier version from my PC.


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