[Ipe-discuss] Tangent Lines

Andrew Martchenko andrew.martchenko at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 15:38:57 CEST 2016

Hi Otfried,

I decided to take your advice from facebook and I wrote my own ipelet to 
draw tangent segments from a primary selected marker or circle to all 
other selected markers and circles (see attached ipelet).

The ipelet works quite well, but I would like to improve it by having 
some of the line segments be selected after the ipelet executes. 
Specifically in my case, their can be up to four line segments that are 
tangent to two circles (see attached pdf for example), the segments that 
cross one another are rarely useful (to me) and I would like them to be 
selected so that I can easily delete all such segments with a click of a 
button. Is this something that can be done with an ipelet??

Also, if anyone by chance reads the code, I would appreciate some 
feedback as this is my first lua program and I'm sure there are many 
things that can be done more efficiently.


Andrew M.
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