[Ipe-discuss] Turning a trapezoid into a rectangle

Pierre Ganty pierre.ganty at imdea.org
Wed Sep 23 10:50:39 CEST 2015

I often run into the following issue.
I want to put a box around a figure or piece of text and so I draw a
rectangle around it.
Eventually I make slight changes to the box content and I need to resize
the rectangle.

Option 1 is to scale and translate the rectangle but it might require
several iterations before getting it right.
Option 2 is to edit the rectangle and use the grid but the result might be
too coarse

Typically, I start to edit the rectangle by moving its corners around.
So I move from a rectangle to a trapezoid (moving one of the corner).
However then I do not find how to move back to a rectangle even when I use
the snap to axis features.

I guess there is an easy (meaning better than option 1 and 2) way to do
this but I just don't see how.

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