[Ipe-discuss] How to set grid size to 2 pt or smaller than the listed values?

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Wed Oct 7 15:58:37 CEST 2015

> Thanks for the reply. It works. But is there a way to
> set the above options in some global place, As in preferences
> or some common options file, so that each new ipe file created
> from the GUI will have these options in it allready?
> This way,one does not have to edit the .ipe file manually
> using a text editor each time to add these 2 lines for each
> new drawing .ipe file being created?

Please have look at the manual.  Instead of editing the Ipe file, make a
new style sheet, say "gridsizes.isy".

Then add that style sheet to your document.

You can do that with Shift+Ctrl+S (Edit -> Style Sheets) for an existing
document, or by starting Ipe with

ipe -sheet gridsizes.isy

to create a new document (http://ipe.otfried.org/manual/manual_48.html).

Or you can add "gridsizes" to "prefs.basic"
(http://ipe.otfried.org/manual/manual_39.html), then it will
automatically be added to every new document from now on.


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