[Ipe-discuss] How to handle corrupted ipe file? Latex entry error causes corruption

Nasser M. Abbasi nma at 12000.org
Sun Oct 4 22:47:07 CEST 2015


I was able to deleted the bad Latex text.

I had to move the text close to it away by dragging it, then
I could select the bad Latex text. Then now I could select it
and delete it.

It seems becuase the 2 texts were close to each others, it was
not working before.  But now I am all set. I can use the file


On 10/4/2015 12:34 PM, Nasser M. Abbasi wrote:
> I just started using ipe for making simple diagrams. Sometimes when
> I enter wrong Latex code (in the text dialog), ipe file gets
> corrupted. I am not able to delete the bad Latex or edit it anymore
> or even select it to edit and delete it. This happened more
> than one time.
> Here is an example ipe file I am now having problem with fixing
> http://12000.org/tmp/oct_4_2015/
> The file is p3.ipe in the above folder.
> The bad Latex code is the text at the lowest part of the diagram.
> I must have typed wrong Latex command there.
> How to fix this? As I said, I can't select the bad Latex to
> delete it. I click on it, and nothing happens. So I am stuck now.
> I am using 7.1.8 on windows 7, 64 bit home edition.
> thanks,
> --Nasser
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