[Ipe-discuss] PDF image import

Frank Siegert frank.siegert at cern.ch
Thu Mar 13 11:43:09 CET 2014

Dear all,

I came across Ipe when looking for a solution to create PDF
presentations at a level somewhere between latex-beamer and
{Open,Libre}Office Impress. From playing with it a bit, I do like the
concept. There is just one issue holding me back at the moment:
Support for importing PDFs.
I have tested the epspdfipe.lua Ipelet[0], which uses pdftoipe
internally, but pdftoipe doesn't work reliably enough (though
surprisingly well) to convert my test PDFs into a truthful
representation in Ipe.

Are there any plans for direct (scalable!) embedding of PDF images? I
tried through \includegraphics in a Latex text box, but it didn't work
and reading the manual I could have known beforehand:
"You cannot use commands that involve a non-linear translation into
PDF, such as commands to generate hyperlinks or to include external

Am I overlooking an existing option to import scalable images (svg,
ps, pdf) not created by Ipe? Does everybody else who uses Ipe for
presentations create their images only through Ipe?


[0] https://sites.google.com/site/nicolasguypersonalwebpage/home/wiki/ipeletsforipe

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