[Ipe-discuss] how to: different fonts in the same file

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Mon Dec 1 00:59:12 CET 2014

On 01/12/14 06:46, Carsten Weise wrote:
> Hej Michael,
> ok so this is good news.
> However, I have the same problem when I follow your approach - si it
> must be in my configuration.
> I'm running ipe V 7.1.4, pdflatex says "pdfTeX 3.1415926-2.5-1.40.14",
> and I'm on Ubuntu 14.4.
> Is there a way to see the pdflatex output from ipe?

In Ipe, go to Help->Show configuration and look for the Latex directory. 
  On Linux, this would normally be $HOME/.ipe/latexrun.

cd to this directory.  The Latex source created by Ipe is in 
ipetemp.pdf, the log file in ipetemp.log, the created PDF in ipetemp.pdf.

You should also run "pdflatex ipetemp.tex" manually in this directory 
and see what happens.  When Ipe complains that "An error occurred during 
the Pdflatex run", it usually means that you are using fonts that are 
not in Postscript Type 1 or TTF format.

I installed texlive-fonts-extra and tried your example. My ipetemp.log 
contains this:

LaTeX Font Info:    Try loading font information for T1+libertine on 
input line
LaTeX Font Info:    No file T1libertine.fd. on input line 53.

LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `T1/libertine/m/n' undefined
(Font)              using `T1/cmr/m/n' instead on input line 53.

If I then open ipetemp.pdf in evince and look at the Fonts in document 
properties, it shows a Type 3 font (CMR, created by Metafont).  Ipe does 
not handle Type 3 fonts, because they are bitmap fonts and do not scale 
- so that explains the error message.

So I went back to your short Latex test tile.  While it runs through 
pdflatex and produces a PDF file with two different fonts, it actually 
has the same problem.  The second font is not Libertine, but CMR in a 
bitmap font (look at font properties in evince again)!

However, uncommenting \usepackage{dejavu} and the selectfont command 
shows that Libertine actually works in Latex, so the problem must be the 
\fontfamily setting.
A quick look at libertine.sty shows that this is indeed the case:  The 
name of the font family is not "libertine", but something much more 
complicated.  I changed the text object to read like this:

This is a very simple document. The first paragraph should use dejavu as 

\makeatletter\fontfamily{\libertine at family}\makeatother
OK, we fill this with a little more content. So this is the second 
paragraph in this document. This should be in libertine.

and now it works.

The interesting question is - what is different in Michael's setup?


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