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On 27 May 2013, at 06:21, Otfried Cheong <otfried at ipe.airpost.net> wrote:

> On 05/24/2013 06:38 PM, André Lebacq wrote:
>> I would like to have a grid with millimeters units (0.5, 1, 2, 4mm).
>> I try to set a line like <gridsize name="1 mm" value="2.835"/>
>> (72/25.4 = 2.835 pt = 1mm) in a new style sheet, but it seems IPE
>> round this value down to 2pt. Is there any way to specify a
>> fractional grid size in the style sheet ?
> The grid size has to be an integer.  In a previous Ipe version it was 
> possible to use fractional grid sizes, but that lead to rounding errors 
> that were hard to control, and grid points not really being on the grid.
> I intend to make this possible at some point by making the Ipe 
> coordinate system flexible (that is, the document can specify that a 
> unit of 1 will be, say, 1/10 mm), but this needs to be thought through 
> properly (e.g. a linewidth of 1 will also have a different meaning then).

Good to hear that it will appear again !

> Right now, the only thing you can do is set the grid to, say 3 pts, and 
> scale the figure by 2.834646/3.0 when you print it.  Since Ipe was 
> designed to make figures for Latex documents, scaling is easy when you 
> include the figure.

Ok. My concern, if I do this was about the font sizes. If I set a 10pt font size, to fit well with my document, the graphics letters will be resized by a 2.8 factor as well, no ?



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