[Ipe-discuss] Compiling CGAL ipelets on Windows

klo uo klonuo at gmail.com
Wed Mar 6 12:27:41 CET 2013

Hi all,

I saw some screenshots on Stack Overflow of ipe with CGAL operators, and
thought to try it.

>From searching around I managed to download and compile CGAL, but I can't
make cgal-ipelets demo to compile.

I defined environment variables:

and although cmake produced MSVC project solution files, it can't compile,
and if anyone is interested in output log, I can provide it.

I contacted CGAL mailing list and asked my problem, but they replied that I
need to point to "ipe.lib" file instead "ipe.dll", which unfortunately
isn't available in ipe binary distribution provided on SF. They suggested I
contact this list, and ask for precompiled ipelets or missing "ipe.lib"
file or some alternative build method.

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