[Ipe-discuss] ipe 6 win32 binary?

zetah otrov at hush.ai
Mon Mar 4 11:44:45 CET 2013

Michael Thon wrote:
>yes, this is essentially what I did, but via MacPorts scripts, so 
>it was an automated install. I don't know if there is any similar 
>package management system for open source software on Windows.

My concern is that I have to thrash the disk with couple of GB of source code and spent some time on compiling, while binaries, as exchangeable, could have saved me the trouble, but no one provides it.

Anyhow although both outdated, ipe 6 and CGAL ipelets work fine, and more then that... it appears as magical interface to have those functions accessible in vector drawing program, instead typing the code.


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