[Ipe-discuss] Include bitmap in ipe XML file

zetah otrov at hush.ai
Wed Apr 3 18:11:58 CEST 2013

Hi again, I hope I'm not bothering too much...

Now when I got everything aligned I thought to include background image for reference (which I previously process to extract certain features as marks)
My problem is that it seems I can't include image as file path, but I need to encode it (filter FlateDecode) and hexify then store inside XML file. For that purpose I used zlib module compression, on png image binary data, but encoded content is not the same as content saved from ipe (if I insert same image from ipe GUI and save as ipe XML). Header seems same/similar, but not the stream and as expected ipe can't read my generated file.

Any ideas what might be wrong?


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