[Ipe-discuss] order of layers

Olivier Devillers olivier.devillers at inria.fr
Mon Jul 18 09:43:52 CEST 2011


The order of layers is changing in a strange way.
Is it on purpose ?

More details, do the following:

new page
new layer new view
previous view
new layer
  --------  at this point I have in the list of layers alpha / beta / 
gamma  (alpha is selected and active)
select layer gamma
  -------- the order of layers changed to alpha / gamma /beta  (alpha 
and gamma selected, alpha active).

This is annoying in several situations,
e.g. at some point I have many layers and want to see what is in layer 
zeta, then I select zeta
to make it visible, and then I want to unselect it to hide it again
(but it has changed its rank, thus by clicking again without moving the 
mouse I am selecting/unselecting somthing else)

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