[Ipe-discuss] Wishes

Johan Ingvast ingvast at kth.se
Thu Sep 30 11:36:17 CEST 2010

Thanks for a great editor.  I use it a lot on both my windows and linux 

Here are a few minor suggestions for improvements. I thought of putting 
them into bugzilla directly, however realized we should have a 
discussion first.

1. The current window for text edit closes without applying changes when 
hitting Escape. This is common behavior, but annoying to me since I'm a 
frequent vim user, so I accidentally hits the escape button.  I propose 
a popup window with a warning.  The Alt-C could still close the window 
without warning.

2. Change the behaviour of the Apply button to apply the changes and 
update the drawing area without closing the window. Add another button 
OK for apply and close.

3. Make it possible to use any editor for editing the texts, (the 
possibility to edit the style-sheets with favourite editor is half way 
there). Furter, Ipe can watch the file being edited and every time the 
editor saves, Ipe should update the drawing area.

any comments?


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