[Ipe-discuss] Ucs and "type 1 fonts"

a a staskikotx at mail.ru
Sun May 23 21:24:26 CEST 2010


I have the following problem using Ipe under Windows with Miktex 2.7:

I want to make a picture with cyrillic letters.

I type in preambule


and get the following message "Something wrong with PDF file ...."

I have searched this archive, and, using Adobe Acrobat,  I discovered, that \usepackage{ucs}
makes pdflatex to produce a pdf-file with "Type 3 fonts" while Ipe needs a document with "Type 1 fonts".

But I have no idea how to make pdflatex compile unicode to pdf-file-with-type-1-fonts.
I tried to add commands like \usepackage{times}, \usepackage{pslatex}, they do not work.
(The first one changes nothing, the second gives a message in log file, something about
corrupted tables)

(Meanwhile, when I  write in the preambule
and run latex | dvipdf I get the pdf-file-with-type-1-fonts, 
but I have no idea ho to use it, because Ipe produces unicode ) 

Please, help me to make ipe understand russian letters; I really need them.

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