[Ipe-discuss] LaTeX runs -> temporary files

Andreas Keil andreas.keil at cs.tum.edu
Thu Mar 4 17:50:44 CET 2010

Tomek wrote:
> You can also set TEXINPUTS variable, which defines directories
> searched for tex input files (add trailing colon or semicolon,
> depending on the your system, to append the standard search path).
> And this doesn't require any changes to Ipe.

Well, but if Ipe creates it's temporary .tex file in a fixed folder, than I
would still not be able to direct LaTeX to a directory which is relative to
the current image's path, right? (I don't want to add specific absolute
folders to LaTeX's search path but instead, I'd like to be able to always
work "relatively" to an image's directory.)

But maybe you helped me with putting the temporary files in to a subfolder
of the current directory: I could create a temp. directory, point
IPELATEXDIR there, and add ".." to the search path using TEXINPUTS. This
would enable me to use \input paths relative to the image's path. However, I
did not manage to use the TEXINPUTS environment variable correctly. I am
using MikTeX 2.7 on Windows 7 and specifying
  set TEXINPUTS="..;"
(with or without quotes, with or without trailing slash, with trailing colon
or semicolon) didn't work. The TEXINPUTS variable is referenced in MikTeX's
documentation but no examples are given. Maybe someone could help me out...?
(BTW: I would really like to do that using TEXINPUTS because changing
MikTeX's general configuration files would mean that MikTeX always searched
in "..".)


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