[Ipe-discuss] Re: scaling -- line width

Günter Rote rote at inf.fu-berlin.de
Fri Jun 11 16:23:44 CEST 2010

>> I think the way you're supposed to do this is to create a 'poster'
>> stylesheet and redefined the line widths ('normal', 'thick', 'fat',
>> etc.)
> Hmm. To me it is not obvious how that would affect the scaling behavior.
> In addition, I convert from a different file format, so I have absolute
> line widths.
> I think that sometimes it is necessary to scale the linewidths (when
> including a ready-made figure from a different ipe file), while
> sometimes it is better not to scale the line widths (to keep the line
> widths consistent).

Scaling line widths in a graph is not a good idea anyway.
e.g. you have a plot of a function for the range
0 < x < 1000, 0 < f(x) < 1000, and you
zoom in on an interesting range
   550 < x < 600,  200 < f(x) < 250,
then you don't want the lines to be 20 times as thick!

If you insist on scaling, you could instruct the software that
converts the plots to generate rectangles or polygons instead of
lines. (or generate the lines with the desired thickness
from scratch.)

G"unter Rote
Freie Universit"at Berlin
Institut f"ur Informatik
D-14195 Berlin, GERMANY

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