[Ipe-discuss] feature request for ipe and ipetoipe: checkbox "add view to list of lastviews"

Alexander Wolff alexander.wolff at uni-wuerzburg.de
Thu Dec 2 14:50:09 CET 2010

dear otfried,

i'm taking advantage of the (very useful!!!) command
 > ipetoipe -pdf -lastview mylecture.ipe mylecture-printversion.pdf
to produce a printer-friendly version of my lecture slides for students.

i usually have many views per ipe page, and sometimes it would be very 
handy to be able to include two (or more) views into the 
printer-friendly pdf.

(right now, what i have to do is to make two copies of such a page, weed 
out the second half of the views in the first copy and weed out the 
first half of the views in the second copy.)

to mark a view for addition in the list of "last views" for 
post-processing with ipetoipe, i think a little checkbox between the 
view counter and the page counter on the left side of the panel would be 

thanks for considering my suggestion.


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