[Ipe-discuss] Drawing a circle onto an existing tangent

Alexander Wolff alexander.wolff at uni-wuerzburg.de
Sat Nov 21 23:41:51 CET 2009

ahoj ondro,

with ipe 6 you could proceed as follows:

1. select the line (segment), then the first point, click on Ipelets ->
Goodies -> Make parabolas.

2. select the line (segment), then the second point, click on Ipelets ->
Goodies -> Make parabolas.

if your line segment is long enough, the two parabolic arcs intersect.
the (only) intersection point is the center of the circle that goes
through the two points and is tangent to the line.

enjoy! :)


Ondřej Cífka wrote:
> Hello,
> please help me with this: I have two points and a line. I want to draw a
> circle so that the two points lie on it and the line is its tangent (the
> circle and the line have only one point in common). How do I do this in
> Ipe?
> Thank you
> Ondřej Cífka
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