[Ipe-discuss] Interface changes in Ipe 7

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Tue Nov 3 22:12:37 CET 2009

Freek wrote:
> Yeah, it's a little slow when you draw all dots at 4pts (I changed the code),
> but I still like it better. Moreover I guessed the speed would be fine when 
> leaving out some dots when zoomed out like Ipe 6 does.

It was unusable on my system when I tried it - but perhaps you found a 
better way to do it.  Could you send me your code?

> I have to admit that I didn't read that, but still I have some trouble with 
> these shortcuts:
> - Shift + right mouse pops up the context menu (although I don't really care 
> because middle mouse already pans);
> - Alt + left mouse moves the window in KDE (very handy...) and Alt + right 
> mouse resizes it (not so useful, but neither is rotation);
> - Ctrl + Shift + right mouse stretches objects, just like Ctrl + right mouse.

The first and last are bugs in the current version.  But now I'll wait 
what everybody says before fixing it :-)

Shift+Right is of course meant for people with two-button mice - such as 
  most laptops.

There's little I can do about Window managers eating your events.  On 
Gnome Hyper-Left moves the window...

Perhaps I should just make it fully configurable.  Everybody can have 
their own mouse shortcuts :-)


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