[Ipe-discuss] Interface changes in Ipe 7

Freek freek_ipe at vanwal.nl
Tue Nov 3 16:06:13 CET 2009

Although I think Ipe 7 is in general a real improvement over Ipe 6, I have 
some minor problems with the new interface.

First, the new grid is quite prominent, I liked the old one better. Could you 
maybe make an option to switch between the two, supposing you like the new one 

Second, the interaction model changed a bit such that it is more like other 
programs, which is a good thing I think. The problem I have though is that 
moving objects works a bit clumsy now. In Ipe 6 you could just use the middle 
mouse button to move stuff, even when in selection mode and also select stuff 
with the right mouse button, even in other modes. Although it took a bit of 
getting used to, it is very handy. I don't know what the best solution would 
be, perhaps a modifier key might work (e.g. ctrl+left mouse = move in select 

Now that I'm on it anyway: I've always been missing a recently used file list 
in Ipe, any reason for that?

For the rest: it's a great package! (But that's no news.)

P.S. are you planning on making a gradient editor at some point?

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