[Ipe-discuss] what happened to the <margins> style sheet element?

Remko van der Vossen wich at stack.nl
Thu Feb 12 18:13:33 CET 2009

On Thu, Feb 12, 2009 at 11:33:56AM -0500, Kostas Oikonomou wrote:
> I am trying to make a presentation with Ipe 6pre32, and I use a slight 
> modification of the "presentation.xml" stylesheet from the manual. 
> However, if I include a <margins ...> element,
> Ipe says it can't parse the stylesheet.
> Is there a work-around?

I used the following for a presentation recently.

Remko van der Vossen


<ipestyle name="presentation">
	<layout paper="800 600" origin="40 30" frame="720 430"/>
	<titlestyle pos="360 500" size="LARGE" color="black" halign="center" valign="baseline"/>
	<linewidth name="light" value="1.2"/>
	<linewidth name="normal" value="2.4"/>
	<linewidth name="heavier" value="3.6"/>
	<linewidth name="fat" value="4.8"/>
	<linewidth name="extra fat" value="5.2"/>
	<linewidth name="ultrafat" value="7"/>
	<marksize name="normal" value="12"/>
	<marksize name="large" value="16"/>
	<marksize name="small" value="8"/>
	<marksize name="tiny" value="5"/>
	<arrowsize name="normal" value="21"/>
	<arrowsize name="large" value="30"/>
	<arrowsize name="small" value="15"/>
	<arrowsize name="tiny" value="9"/>
	<textstretch name="normal" value="3"/>
	<textstretch name="large" value="3"/>
	<textstretch name="Large" value="3"/>
	<textstretch name="LARGE" value="3"/>
	<textstretch name="huge" value="3"/>
	<textstretch name="Huge" value="3"/>
	<textstretch name="small" value="3"/>
	<textstretch name="footnote" value="3"/>
	<textstretch name="tiny" value="3"/>
	<grid name="5 pixels" value="5"/>
	<grid name="10 pixels" value="10"/>
	<grid name="20 pixels" value="20"/>
	<grid name="40 pixels" value="40"/>
	<angle name="90" value="90"/>
	<angle name="60" value="60"/>
	<angle name="45" value="45"/>
	<angle name="30" value="30"/>
	<angle name="22.5" value="22.5"/>
	<dashstyle name="dashed" value="[4] 0"/>
	<dashstyle name="dotted" value="[1 3] 0"/>
	<dashstyle name="dash dotted" value="[4 2 1 2] 0"/>
	<dashstyle name="dash dot dotted" value="[4 2 1 2 1 2] 0"/>
	<color name="red" value="1 0 0"/>
	<color name="green" value="0 1 0"/>
	<color name="blue" value="0 0 1"/>
	<color name="yellow" value="1 1 0"/>
	<color name="gray1" value="0.125"/>
	<color name="gray2" value="0.25"/>
	<color name="gray3" value="0.375"/>
	<color name="gray4" value="0.5"/>
	<color name="gray5" value="0.625"/>
	<color name="gray6" value="0.75"/>
	<color name="gray7" value="0.875"/>
	<textstyle name="default" begin="" end=""/>
	<textstyle name="center" begin="\begin{center}" end="\end{center}"/>
	<textstyle name="itemize" begin="\begin{itemize}" end="\end{itemize}"/>
	<textstyle name="item" begin="\begin{itemize}\item{}" end="\end{itemize}"/>
	<pathstyle cap="0" join="1"/>
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