[Ipe-discuss] help in installing pdftoipe in windows

lsanz at etsii.upm.es lsanz at etsii.upm.es
Wed Dec 9 11:05:49 CET 2009

i'm new in the use of ipe. I've installed it in windows XP but i'm not
able to install pdftoipe because i don´t understand the directions in the
readme file. It says:

"You need the Poppler library (http://poppler.freedesktop.org).  On
Debian/Ubuntu, install the package 'libpoppler-dev'.
In source directory, say
This will create the single executable "pdftoipe".  Copy it to
whereever you like.  You may also install the man page "pdftoipe.1"."
1) Do I have to "install" the Poppler library (i don´t see any exe file
amongst the files)?
2) There is not exe file in the pdftoipe compressed file. How do I create
the  executable "pdftoipe".
I'm quite lost and i've searched extensively but to no avail
Thanks a lot
Luis Sanz

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