[Ipe-discuss] Ipe output to .tex files?

lego space legospace at gmail.com
Sun Dec 7 20:07:18 CET 2008

Sometimes I use gnuplot with the options

set term pslatex color
set out 'plot.tex'
plot ...

And gnuplot write all the plot in the file 'plot.tex'. To include the plot
in the document, just \input{plot}, and run latex. That's all (but this
don't work with pdflatex).
Of course I can also copy the contents of plot.tex inside the main document
'doc.tex', and when I run latex, the plot is there!
This is fantastic because I can carry one single file 'doc.tex' with the
plots inside it, and I don't need to carry PS, EPS nor PDF files along with
the main TEX file.

My idea is to have some kind of ipe tex output, so I can
\input{ipefigure.tex} in the main document, and when I run latex the figure
is in the document. With this, my documents full of figures and plots could
be one single TEX file, with no other additional files (except for bibtex
and such things).

So, the question is:
Is there any way to save the output of ipe to tex format (like gnuplot can
do), so I can \input{ipefigure.tex} in the main document? I've tried to find
xml to tex translators but I haven't found any.

Sorry for my english..
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