[Ipe-discuss] How can i set the page size in 6.0 preview 28

Dietmar Winkler Dietmar.Winkler at TU-Berlin.de
Thu Oct 25 16:54:55 CEST 2007


I just wanted to create a new presentation based on an older one. The
old one was in presentation mode with 800x600 pixel in dimension and was
created using ipe 6.0 preview 26. Since my OS (Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy) ships
with the newer ipe 6.0 preview 28 I "have" to use that version to edit
my presentation. But all the options of changing the dimensions have
gone and the presentation looks now like a4 paper with just the left
half remaining. How can I change the dimensions now in the preview 28

Thanks for any comments,

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