[Ipe-discuss] Re: Snapping to intersections involving circle: when?

Michael Thon m.thon at iu-bremen.de
Fri Mar 9 16:26:46 CET 2007

Alexander Wolff <awolff at ...> writes:

> Fabio Stumbo wrote:
>  > is there any news about the subject topic?
> > I really miss this feature...  (
> me too!
> can't we _donate_ to promote this?
> after all, coins are usually circular 
> sascha

Yes, have been waiting for this a while, too! Now I implemented it myself. Does
intersections involving circles, but not ellipses and splines.

You can get my patch for ipe6.0-pre28 from the ipe bugzilla system (bug #23). 


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