[Ipe-discuss] newbie question regarding using IPE for circuit drawings

Tony Laneve tonylaneve at rogers.com
Sun Jan 28 19:03:30 CET 2007

I would like to use IPE for drawing of schematics  due to the great 
LaTeX support and snapping functions.  I have made an IPE file which has 
a library of circuit elements I would like to use.  Is there a simple 
way to select an object from this library and then place it in the 
current drawing window at the location of my cursor? 
So far I have just been opening up two windows, one for my current 
drawing and the other containing my library.  I select the object I want 
from the library, hit ctrl+c to copy it, focus on my current drawing 
window, hit ctrl+v to paste and then move it to the correct place.  The 
object doesn't get placed at the cursor position and so I often have to 
zoom out, select the object then zoom back in in order to place it 
correctly.  Is there an easier/more efficient was of performing this 
task?  Do you think the ability to insert predefined objects ( such as 
fragments in jpicedt or  symbols like in Dia) could be of use to others 
besides myself?.

Thanks for your help

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