[Ipe-discuss] How to copy object between IPE drawings?

Pierre Boulenguez boulenguez at cstb.fr
Wed Mar 15 14:14:35 CET 2006

Ipe Preview 26,
Linux Mandriva 2006,

Copy/Paste work fine.

Otfried Cheong a écrit :

>> I often create some schematic diagrams complemented with math formulas
>> for my students. So I'd like to reuse some typical objects. I've created
>> a dedicated sheet ("object library") with objects like transistors,
>> current source, voltage source, capacitor and so on, and I would like to
>> copy the objects from one IPE window (the library) to the second window
>> (the currently edited sheet).
>> However up to now I was not able to find a way to do it :-(.
>> The only way is to start from my "library sheet" and create diagram by
>> copying and moving objects INSIDE of the sheet and  finally remove
>> unused objects. It is not very conenient and makes combininng objects
>> from different "libraries" impossible.
>> Is such functionality available in IPE? Maybe I've missed something in
>> the menus or in the documentation?
> Ipe (not IPE, by the way) uses the clipboard for copying objects - and 
> there isn't really any difference between copying between different 
> instance of the Ipe program, different windows of the same Ipe 
> program, or within one Ipe document.
> This works fine for me on Windows.  In the past, there have sometimes 
> been problems with copy/paste on Linux - is that again the case?  I'm 
> simply using standard Qt functions for clipboard import/export.  What 
> platform are you using?
> Otfried
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