[Ipe-discuss] cmss for math symbols

Alexander Wolff awolff at ira.uka.de
Wed Jul 19 13:35:09 CEST 2006


for my slides i would like to use the text font (cmss) suggested in
presentation.xml also for my math formulas (in italics).  i used the
following lines in my style sheet:

\DeclareSymbolFont{letters}  {OT1}{cmss}{m}{it}
\DeclareSymbolFont{bold}     {OT1}{cmss}{bx}{n}
\DeclareSymbolFont{italic}   {OT1}{cmss}{m}{it}

this basically works, but some characters seem to be encoded
differently.  e.g. if i write a comma (,) i get a semicolon (;),
if i write a perion (.) i get a colon (:).

is there someone with experience in latex font selection who could help me?


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