[Ipe-discuss] pre26 and Qt 4.1

Kostas Oikonomou ko at research.att.com
Wed Jan 4 04:11:26 CET 2006


I just built Ipe pre26 on Solaris, with Qt 4.1, and gcc 3.4.4.

I am rather disappointed with the changes between pre 23 and Qt 3.x, and 
the current version:

1) It seems that Qt 4.x still has many rough edges. For example, many 
buttons in the Ipe interface show only part of their text.  Making the 
window larger doesn't help.

2) When opening a file, the file selector shows only 2-3 characters of 
the directory name followed by dots.  The name is shown ok when the 
"long" kind of listing is selected.  (I believe someone else on the list 
also reported this problem.)

3) The most significant problem: the rendering of text in Ipe (Latex 
text) is very poor.  I read the discussion on the list on anti-aliasing, 
and I see that the text rendering improves *somewhat* when I disable 
anti-aliasing, but is still very bad.

I don't know whether the above are Ipe issues or Qt issues.  Having used 
Ipe for a long time, I tend to think they are Qt-related.

Out of curiosity, what motivated the move to Qt 4?


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