[Ipe-discuss] label dimensions

Otfried Cheong otfried at kaist.ac.kr
Tue Mar 8 00:38:36 CET 2005

Rainer Typke wrote:
> I am going to use Ipe to turn an XML file into a PDF file.  The XML file 
> would be generated by my program and contain lines, dots, and textual 
> labels. 

Here is an easy way to do what you want.

First, you need to modify "src/ipetoipe/ipetoipe.cpp".  Before the lines

   } else if (s == "-ps") {
     return topdforps(argv[i], argv[i+1], IpeDocument::EPs, flags);

insert this:

   } else if (s == "-xml1") {
     return topdforps(argv[i], argv[i+1], IpeDocument::EXml, flags);

Then recompile ipetoipe.

You can now create an Ipe XML file, say "test.xml".  Then run

ipetoipe -xml1 test.xml test1.xml

and the file "test1.xml" will contain the information you need, e.g.:

<text layer="alpha" stroke="black" pos="103 298" type="label" 
width="16.106" height="6.128" depth="0" valign="bottom" 

I can add this feature to ipetoipe if it's useful.


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