[Ipe-discuss] Rotating text objects

Hugh Pumphrey H.C.Pumphrey at ed.ac.uk
Wed Jan 12 18:21:42 CET 2005

Ipe rocks, does it not? LaTeX labels for your diagrams: how could anything
else be the Right Thing?

There is one thing that is giving me trouble, and that is rotating text
items. I have tried the "Rotate Objects" tool on a variety of text items
and found that it moves the item in a circle around the rotation origin,
but leaves the actual text resolutely horizontal.

I'm sure that at one point I managed to get non-horizontal text but I can
not repeat the feat, and ipe has had a few upgrades since then. (I'm using
6.0 preview 23 right now as that is what comes with Debian testing.)

I'll report this as a bug if that is what it is, but I suspect it is me
being dense. I can't find the answer in the manual or the Ipe web site.

Suggestions gratefully received

Hugh Pumphrey

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