[Ipe-discuss] Antialiasing, delete

Dmitriy Morozov defaultmail at foxcub.org
Fri Dec 9 19:20:43 CET 2005

While we are asking questions "Why..." before filing bug reports, I was
wondering why anti-aliasing is not turned on? I'm talking about
anti-aliasing for lines of course, not fonts. Qt4 supports it; it takes
exactly 3 lines (2 in ipecanvas.cpp, 1 in ipecanvaspainter.cpp) to add it,
and the result is so much easier on the eyes. On a related note, why is
double-buffering explicitly turned off (with
setAttribute(Qt::WA_PaintOnScreen);). It's not really noticeable without
anti-aliasing, but I still don't see a reason to turn it off.

Also, can somebody confirm that the following is a bug, and not just a
problem with my installation before I file it in Bugzilla? Start ipe, draw
a spline with a few points, say 5. Then edit that spline (Ctrl+E), and
delete a point (Delete). In my installation, all the points are thrown to
the bottom left corner of the page, and become uneditable. Basically,
deletion of points doesn't work for me (it seems to be the same problem
with polygonal lines, not just splines).


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