[Ipe-discuss] Two questions on Version 25

Otfried Cheong otfried at kaist.ac.kr
Fri Dec 2 14:14:58 CET 2005

Jan Hlavacek wrote:
> First: If you close the "Properties" and "Layers" panels, is there
> any way of getting them back?

Sure: right click on any empty space in the tool bars.  This gives you a 
list of tool bar elements that you can make visible/invisible.

> Second: On Linux (namely Debian stable) , with qt 4.0.1, in file
> selection dialog when opening new file, all file-names are truncated
> to just first few letters followed by dots.  

I don't see this problem (Qt 4.0.1 on Fedora Core 3).  If you installed 
Qt 4 yourself, check what the example programs do (e.g. 


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