[Ipe-discuss] Version 25

Otfried Cheong otfried at kaist.ac.kr
Fri Dec 2 13:27:03 CET 2005

Johan Ingvast wrote:
> Same thing on my Fedora 3 box. Annoying.
> Even though I have a ipekeys.ts in my .ipe directory which defines x it 
> does not work.

A bug - will be fixed in next release.  (If you can't wait, I'll attach 
the fix at the bottom.)

"ipekeys.ts" should be "ipekeys.qm" (the .ts file is the source file). 
Does this actually work?  I wasn't sure that the qm file format is 
compatible between Qt 3 and Qt 4 (and the QTranslator no longer has the 
ability to save the translations).


------------------- the 'x' fix -----------------------
In initui.cpp, change the 3 lines starting with  "QAction *panHereAct =" to:

   QAction *panHereAct = new IpeAction(ECmdHere, tr("Pan &here"), this);
   panHereAct->setShortcut(Key("x", "view|Pan here"));
   connect(panHereAct, SIGNAL(triggered(int)), SLOT(SnapCmd(int)));

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