[Ipe-discuss] Dotted line implies dotted arrow head line (Ipe 6, Preview 9)

Jano Kula jano at mail-box.cz
Wed Mar 3 00:10:51 CET 2004


Bugzilla says the bug #12 (Arrows are drawn with dashed/dotted outline)
was fixed in Ipe6, preview 11. I have Ipe6, preview 12 and the dashed
line with the arrow saved in PDF produces not valid PDF with the code
line "solid d" which is interpreted by Xpdf as:

Error (111): Unknown operator 'solid'
Error (119): Wrong number (0) of args to 'd' operator.

or by Acrobat:

There was an error processing a page. Too few operands.
An unrecognized token 'solid' was found.

Saving as EPS is without an error but with the outline of the arrow
being dashed, back again.

Is it a bug or am I doing something wrong?


Jano Kula
Radhat 9, Ipe 6 preview 12

On St, 2003-07-16 at 13:03, Christian Eitner wrote:
> Heho!
> (Dear Otfried,)
> When drawing a line (or circle, or spline, whatever) with dashed/dotted/etc style, an arrow head attached to the shape will automatically have a dashed/dotted/etc-style outline as well. For me, that looks a bit funny (not to say buggy, as long as one doesn't zoom into the image to reveal the truth :-) ).
>    Perhaps arrow heads should always have solid outlines.
>    Thanks for your consideration,
> 	 Christian

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