[Ipe-discuss] How to build on RH9 without qmake?

Neil Carlson nnc at newmexico.com
Thu Feb 5 23:09:05 CET 2004

I'm attempting to build IPE under RH9 without much luck.
I don't have qmake, but after scanning the mailing list
archives it looked like it would possible to build it using
tmake if I were to remove the 'QMAKE" line in config.pro.
However, a make tmake_all trips over lots of .pro files
on lines I don't recognize, and which don't appear on the
surface related to qmake.  In the end I don't get anything
that a 'make' will build. Is it really possible to build
with tmake, and if so, can someone provide more details?
Alternatively, is there some way to get qmake without having
to build QT3 (which I won't do).

Neil Carlson <nnc at newmexico.com>

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