[Ipe-discuss] problems running/building on Debian unstable

Otfried Cheong ocheong at win.tue.nl
Tue Dec 9 16:30:15 CET 2003

 > I managed to get ipe running in a Debian testing (=sarge) chroot
 > installation, with the usual recompilation of the Debian package from
 > source.
 > Advice from font-configuration experts still very welcome :-)

Apparently, Freetype 2.1.7 breaks Ipe---at least you are already the
second person to report a problem.  I suspect sarge has an older Ipe
version, and therefore it works.

Freetype is a real problem.  There were several little changes that
are not really documented and that break client code between 2.0.4 and
2.1.4, and apparently it's happened again.  Also, although Freetype
keeps building as libfreetype.so.6, it is really not binary compatible
with other version (which is why Ipe now has a version check).

I'll look at it, but for the moment you have to force Ipe to link with
Freetype 2.1.5 or so. (The easiest might be to compile freetype from
sources as a static library and link Ipe with that.)


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