[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.2.25 is out

Otfried Cheong ipe at otfried.org
Sun Jun 19 19:52:36 CEST 2022

Ipe 7.2.25 is now available in source form, as a Windows binary, and as Linux packages on the Ipe homepage at http://ipe.otfried.org.

There are quite a number of smaller improvements and bug-fixes - I should have released this much earlier.

I cannot build MacOS binaries right now - they'll be provided in July.  



Ipe 7.2.25 (2022-06-19) Denmark Edition

 * Add spell-checking to text entry on Linux.

 * Change presentation style sheet to have 16:9 aspect ratio (#385).

 * Many more configuration options in prefs.canvas_style (#400 & #406).

 * Remove box around links in PDF output (#397).

 * Add 'script' text size (#410).

 * Use most-recently used directory in "Save" and "Save As" (#394).

 * Maintain a single custom string on each Ipe object. It's not
   used by Ipe itself, but can be used by external software or
   ipelets. (#409)

 * Add page transition effects from PDF 1.5 (Push, Cover, Uncover,

 * Adjust highlighting text colors in dark theme.

 * Fix crash when compiling with -D_GLIBCXX_ASSERTIONS (#387).

 * Try to simply use UTF-8 in 'runlatex.bat'.  This should work
   at least on Windows-10 (bug #338, second case).

 * Upgrade Freetype in Windows package (fixes bug #411).

 * Show error message when a style sheet mentioned in prefs.styles
   cannot be read (bug #405).

 * Reuse PDF text resources for identical text objects (#412).

 * Fix losing primary selection when deselecting using rectangle drag
   (bug #423).


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