[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.2.11 is out

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Sat Mar 9 13:30:29 CET 2019

Ipe 7.2.11 is now available in source form, as a Windows binary, and as a Mac OS X app on the Ipe homepage at http://ipe.otfried.org. Linux binaries will appear as they are built.

The main features in this release are support for images with alpha channel (you can now finally import images with transparency), and support for the touch bar on recent MacBooks.   There are also many smaller changes, see below.



Ipe 7.2.11 (2019-3-9) Barbados edition

 * Added snap buttons on OSX touch bar.
 * Images with alpha channel are now fully supported (feature #142).

 * New "Rotate coordinate system" operation in "Goodies" ipelet.

 * New ipelet to select objects by type and/or by attribute value.
 * Can now use ".ipe/ipe.conf" to define environment variables on
   Linux and OSX.

 * The link action string of group objects is now more powerful.  You
   can use it to create links inside the Ipe document (so that
   clicking on an object in the PDF file will take you to a different
   page), and to launch videos or audio (which can be played inside
   some PDF viewers).

 * Tiling patterns now follow opacity of the object (feature #195).

 * The bullet in items now has the text color (bug #161).

 * The coordinate system (the axes) can now be toggled on and off
   without having to reset the origin.
 * When exporting using ipetoipe, page notes are not included as PDF
   annotations (but see -keepnotes) (feature #215).

 * Storing section names of pages as PDF "named destinations", so that
   external links can point to a specific page of an Ipe document.

 * Fixed low-resolution display on Retina displays on OSX (bug #226).
   The problem seems to be caused by the upgrade of Cairo to 1.16.0, 
   it is currently fixed by using a Cairo surface as a backing store
   instead of a CGLayer.

 * Use page-piece dictionary to store Ipe XML data inside PDF file.

 * Pressing "Ok" after "Apply" in text edit dialog no longer causes a
   Latex run (feature #144).

 * Up and Down keys now work to move between views in
   IpePresenter. Added "jump to page" and "select page" in
   IpePresenter (feature #228).

 * Tiling patterns from PDF now display in Ipe and IpePresenter.

 * Exporting to PNG from the Ipe UI now saves with transparent background.
 * Fixed saving to weird location when starting from the command line
   on Windows (bug #222).

 * Fixed broken operation "create symbol (in new stylesheet)".
 * Fixed broken "Select in layer" and "Move to layer" submenus (bug

 * "Insert image" file dialog starts in more reasonable directory.

 * Fixed display of object counts per layer on OSX (bug #221).

 * Removed support for ipelet dlls with .dylib extension (it changed
   to .so in Ipe 7.1.10).


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