[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.2.6 is out

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Mon Sep 19 22:29:39 CEST 2016

Ipe 7.2.x is now available in source form, as a Windows binary, and as
a Mac OS X app on the Ipe homepage at http://ipe.otfried.org.

This release updates the Ipe file format version. This means that
documents written by Ipe 7.2.6 cannot be read by earlier versions of
Ipe. If you cannot upgrade all your Ipe installations, you may want to
delay the upgrade.



Ipe 7.2.6 (2016-09-19) Bayreuth edition

 * A file format update was necessary.  Ipe versions older than 7.2.6
   will not be able to read documents create with 7.2.6 and newer.

 * Added new mode to move graph vertices.  While the vertex moves, its
   incident edges follow automatically.  This uses a simple heuristic:
   Vertices are groups, references, or text objects, edges are path
   objects with a single open curve.

 * Text objects of type label can now also have a style.  Math objects
   are now handled as having style "math", other styles are useful for
   styling graph nodes using Tikz, etc.  Look at the new style file
   'tikz.isy' for inspiration how this can be used.

 * Added style file 'note-paper.isy' with a note paper background
   (like the xournal background), for taking handwritten notes._{}

 * Revived exporting to pdf when saving in xml format (set

 * On Windows, touch is now only used for pan and zoom.

 * Tuned pen handling on Windows 8 and higher.  It now works smoothly
   on my slow Windows tablet.

 * Fixed handling of PDF resources from pdflatex to work with the
   output generated by Tikz.

 * Fixed layout of dialogs created without 'addButton' on OSX.

 * Try to work around Ubuntu bug (see #42) by unsetting environment

 * Fixed cut-off glyphs (bug #93).

 * Fixed error rendering TTF and TTC fonts (bug #97).


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