[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.2.7 is out

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Fri Dec 9 22:10:30 CET 2016

Ipe 7.2.7 is now available in source form, as a Windows binary, as
a Mac OS X app, and as a Linux appimage, on the Ipe homepage at

This is a bug-fix release, there are no new features.



Ipe 7.2.7 (2016-12-09) Bayreuth edition

 * On Windows 10, Monitor DPI is used automatically (but does not yet
   change when the Window is moved to a different monitor).
 * Fixed styles directory in ipescript in bundle mode (OSX, snap,

 * Fixed vertex-move mode when edges have been transformed before.

 * On OSX, shear mode and graph mode toolbar buttons were not

 * Accept empty ipestyle tag in XML parsing.

 * Added shortcuts for "pick properties" and "apply properties".

 * Renamed "tikz.isy" to "tikz-shapes.isy".

 * Fixed crash in hovering pen on high-resolution Windows 10 tablet.

 * Fixed cropped letters (bug #106).

 * Fixed parsing of IPESCRIPTS variable in ipescript.  Added
   ~/.ipe/scripts to the default list in appimage and Ipe.app.

 * Refuse to load style sheets with fractional grid sizes (bug #115).

 * Refuse precise scale/stretch with factor zero (bug #114).

 * Use compatibility layer on Luatex 0.85 (bug #113).


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