[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.1.9 is out

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Sat Oct 24 16:02:02 CEST 2015

Ipe 7.1.9 is now available in source form and for Windows on the Ipe
homepage at http://ipe.otfried.org.

This is a small release that fixes a few bugs.  I have also finally
migrated to Qt 5.



Ipe 7.1.9 (2015-10-24)

 * Migrated to Qt5.

 * Windows binary now works on WinXP by dynamically loading
   GetGestureInfo (issue #9, thanks to czietz for the patch).

 * Ignore spurious double-click (bug #17).

 * Fixed Ctrl+F shortcut on Windows (bug #9).

 * Fixed updating of style sheets on Windows (bug #8).

 * Fixed crash when right-clicking on a toolbar icon on Windows (bug

 * Changed ordering of Ipelet directories (bug #16).

 * Fixed misleading caption on layer menu (bug #14).

 * Compiling with clang++-3.5 for testing.

 * Bitmaps read from files are now compressed during insertion, crash
   during insertion of PNG files with color palette fixed. Inserting
   PNG images with color-keyed transparent color works now (bugs #19,

 * Improved "About ipelets" dialog.


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