[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.1.4 available, including Windows binaries

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Fri Mar 15 15:41:20 CET 2013

The last Ipe version released with Windows binaries was 7.0.10, released 
in December 2009.  Since July 2013 will mark the 20th anniversary of 
Ipe, it's time to rectify this situation.

Thanks to Daniel Beckmann, I have again a working compiler setup for 
Windows, and I have made a new release 7.1.4 of Ipe that can be found on 
the homepage http://ipe7.sourceforge.net.

To use the Windows version, simply download ipe-7.1.4-win.zip, unzip it 
somewhere on your computer (but using a path that contains only ASCII 
characters), and click on ipe-7.1.4/bin/ipe.exe.  Ipe no longer uses the 
separate -dependencies package.

This version of Ipe moves to Lua 5.2. If you are using the "ipescript" 
tool, you will need to check if your scripts contain a 'require "ipe"' 
line.  This line was always superfluous (since ipescript already loads 
the Ipe Lua-bindings), and due to changes in Lua 5.2, the line now no 
longer works and needs to be removed.



Ipe 7.1.4 (2013-3-15)

  * Windows binaries provided again.

  * Migrated to using Lua 5.2 (feature #113).

  * Fixed bug in "ipescript update-master" with several figures (bug

  * Ipe scripts (to be run with "ipescript <script>") must no longer
    contain the 'require "ipe"' line.

  * Snap modes on Ipe-startup can now be specified in preferences
    (feature #122).

  * Customizing mouse move works as expected (without _G.mouse)
    (bug #123).


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