[Ipe-announce] Ipe 7.1.2 available

Otfried Cheong otfried at ipe.airpost.net
Sun Jan 15 13:06:54 CET 2012

A new version of Ipe will be available shortly on the Ipe webpage at 

There is only one real new feature:  Ipe will now automatically run 
Latex whenever you create or modify a text object.   This feature can be 
turned off either from the File menu, or in the prefs.lua configuration 

It's amazing - when I started on Ipe in 1993, I would never have thought 
that someday computers and Latex would be fast enough that this would be 
a reasonable thing to do.

There are many other bug fixes - see the change log below.



Ipe 7.1.2 (2012-1-16) SVN 580  Sydney edition

  * Latex is now automatically run every time text is inserted or
    edited. This can be disabled from the File menu or from prefs.lua
    (feature #98).

  * Update stylesheets didn't look in current directory when filename
    contained no slash (bug #68).

  * Moving layers now moves them to the expected place.

  * Properties menu less enormous.  Cut, copy, etc. will only be shown
    when prefs.tablet_menu is true.

  * Search & replace ipelet now only affects selected text
    objects (bug #96).

  * Fixed crash in rotate with right+alt (bug #97).

  * Fixed compiler warnings (bug #89).

  * Checkboxes in dialogs were not initialized correctly (bug #93).

  * When the end of the undo/redo sequence is reached, a message
    appears only in the status line (no longer using a pop-up).

  * "Join paths" and "Compose paths" are again available in the
    properties menu (bug #91).

  * Invisible line segments with arrows now work correctly: If a line
    segment is set to "filled only", then the arrows are drawn in the
    fill color, and the segment itself is not drawn at all (bug #78).

  * Cycling through "stroke-only / stroke & fill / fill-only" no longer
    forgets the current colors of the object (bug #79).

  * "Delete" and "Merge" now show up for each layer, but give an error
    message if the layer is active.

  * Color icons again visible in stroke and fill color list in property
    menu. (Once again, Qt changed the semantics of an operation.)


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